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EFF Virtual Classroom went live on Friday the 18th of July 2008 in Red Cross Govt. Girls' High School. After a year of research, planning and developing with immense passion and hard work, it was indeed a proud moment for all of us

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Virtual Classroom is a simple yet powerful service that serves all the dimensions of the web meeting space like conferencing, webinars, tutoring, training, and so on, with unmatched whiteboarding capability, super fast screen sharing and high quality video conferencing functionality.

Beta users will get:
Free tech support, unlimited number sessions, unlimited number attendees per session.

Join now and become a part of this new education movement

Our knowledge-sharing platform that aims at education for all is a synthesis of advanced technologies and research into pedagogy, children and learning, importance of audio-visual teaching aids, and the sociology of education.

This service brings together the best and the most dedicated to contribute to education. Using our service, a volunteer from a city can teach children in a remote village.
People who want to contribute to their community will be able to do so simply by dedicating a few hours every week, without having to go out of their way.
Children will be able to interact with a wide variety of people, and thus learn, in addition to their lessons, innumerable things that simply cannot be put into the curriculum.

Content library
Instruction strategies
Virtual classroom

Our content library is accessible to schools and to our volunteer teachers.

This library serves as a single interface where all visual teaching materials from around the world are stored, classified, graded, and made available for use in teaching. The content will be reviewed, discussed and also mapped with the syllabi uploaded by schools in the portal.

Through this forum we bring together the entire teaching community to discuss, fine-tune, and improve the project of teaching children.
This is a platform where educators can discuss various pedagogical resources and the efficacy of a variety of teaching methods and materials.

The virtual classroom provides features such as bi-directional video streaming between a remote teacher and students in a classroom. It also provides shared whiteboard and a plug-in framework which will allow teachers to use visual aids consisting of movies, video clips, animated demonstrations of scientific phenomena, 3-d graphics, and much more.