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Adopt a Classroom

We offer you a platform where you get the opportunity to adopt a classroom, and get involved directly in children’s education.

Become a Teacher
Millions of children around the world are deprived of quality education. Join us and educate someone in your free time. Become a teacher with us.

If you have any interesting educational content for children or just a fun video related to a specific subject, contribute here.

Getting Started

Virtual Classroom is a simple yet powerful service that serves all the dimensions of the web meeting space like conferencing, webinars, tutoring, training, and so on, with unmatched whiteboarding capability, super fast screen sharing and high quality video conferencing functionality.

Virtual Classroom caters to a range of training needs:
  • Virtual Classroom makes reaching out to large groups simpler. Conventionally, people need to travel and gather for a meeting, or rely on less effective means of communication such as emails teleconferencing that either compromise by introducing delays or reducing / removing interactivity. Virtual Classroom lets you organize large webinars or similar online events not only conveniently, but also instantly, as setting up and conducting a meeting is simply a matter of a few clicks.
  • Our service is especially suitable for web based training, whether live or on demand, as it offers better economy, as well as greater efficiency: you will be able to save on not just the money and the time, but also avoid several logistical constraints that typically come up when you organize meeting or training sessions in the conventional way.
  • Educational institutes can extend their reach beyond physical boundaries. Using the tutoring and webinar services of Virtual Classroom, you can now leverage your staff across multiple locations, teach remotely to a far wider audience, and easily connect with a large number of students.
  • Reduce on-site visits and related travel; Virtual Classroom allows remote support and enhanced efficiency that leads to increase in first call resolution rates.

This service is ideal for corporate training sessions, large teleconferences, private tutoring from home, or anything remotely connected with collaboration. Use Virtual Classroom to manage your teaching content, share it with people, and deliver it in your training sessions conveniently. Once, saved, your content can be accessed from anywhere with a single login.

Our Moodle integration / module allows students to join an online session hosted by Virtual Classroom with a single click directly from the Moodle interface. Moodle is a free, open-source course management system that aims to help educators create online learning communities, and facilitate curriculum and content sharing.

You can use Virtual Classroom free of charge for the next few months and enjoy a highly advanced whiteboarding, fastest screen sharing, and high quality video and audio communication technology in existence. While Virtual Classroom is in beta, all we ask from you is your feedback to improve this service and make it even more reliable.

To get started, sign up now!

Take a tour
Join Session & Sign In Screen           Dashboard           Widget Screen
Getting ready for a turoring session.
 This is the tutor's view
The tutor is seen in the smaller screen.
Screen Share
The tutoring session in progress
This is the student's view. The student is seen in the smaller screen.
System and Bandwidth Requirements
  • Any Windows Operating system
  • 1.5 GHZ or above processor with minimum 512 MB RAM
  • Latest Macromedia Flash player
  • At least 256 kbps bandwidth (1:1 up/down link). Click here to check your bandwidth.
Tech Support

If you face any problems while using this service, do send us an email at support@educationforfree.org. Support is available only by email for now, though we will be launching 24 x 7, free technical support by phone very soon.

Product Roadmap

Virtual Classroom is launching with a wide range of advanced features in the beta release itself. But we are committed to maintaining it as the best collaboration tool on the web, and will be rolling out many more innovations and features in the near future. Here are a few things under development:


Our whiteboard already offers a lot more than other similar products. Nevertheless, we recognize the importance of this technology for online collaboration, and will be adding many more enhancements soon:

  • Ability to load HTML or web pages as background to the slides.
  • Clip art or shapes section within the whiteboard with an inventory of shapes and images. For example, math or network appliances images.
  • Many more value-added pointer options such as the magnifying glass.
  • Ability to embed forms and scripts to make the whiteboard slides more interactive.
  • More drawing tools.

Video conferencing is critical to many collaboration efforts, especially the ones that involve remote tutoring and training sessions with people from multiple locations. As such, we will be adding:

  • A new meeting mode with multi-user video conferencing.
  • Audio and video quality optimization during video conferencing.
  • Speech enhancement, echo cancellation, and background noise reduction algorithms.
Screen Share

In a variety of situations that range from technical support to document or photo sharing to sales presentation, screen sharing has become a necessary collaboration medium. Our technology is one of the fastest screen sharing solutions available on the Internet. We intend to further enhance this by adding the following:

  • More and flexible markup tools that will allow you to draw over applications or on the desktop
  • Ability to share only a specific application while blanking out the rest of the desktop
  • Much faster screen sharing based on our user behavior predictive algorithms and also viewer side cache.

Collaboration tools are used by a range of industry verticals and there is a need for industry specific widgets.

Keeping this in mind, we will introduce a widget development API that end users can use to develop custom widgets. We will also be releasing many of our own widgets with this API. For example, polling and examination or assessment widgets.

Known Issues

As this is an early developer release, we are probably a month away from a stable service. If you notice any problems, please let us know at support@educationforfree.org.