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Adopt a Classroom

We offer you a platform where you get the opportunity to adopt a classroom, and get involved directly in children’s education.

Become a Teacher
Millions of children around the world are deprived of quality education. Join us and educate someone in your free time. Become a teacher with us.

If you have any interesting educational content for children or just a fun video related to a specific subject, contribute here.

Curriculum management
An important aspect of this education service is the fact that it makes sharing so easy.
When registering with us, schools or teachers "publish" their curriculum to the community, and thus find materials that precisely meet their needs.
Other aspects include:
  • Schools can request for material which is required for their curriculum but is not available in the library.
  • Volunteers can view a school’s curriculum before they start preparing the lessons.
  • Virtual classrooms recordings will also be available from here.
  • The curriculum will be indexed based on schools, region, language, subject etc.

However, finding appropriate schools or teachers is only a part of it. As teachers work with schools following a variety of curricula, and participate in discussion on what worked and what did not, how they fared in terms of time limits or ease of finding / creating relevant teaching material, and so on. Each curriculum, each educational policy, will benefit from the experience and scrutiny of thousands of people making education better each day.