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Adopt a Classroom

We offer you a platform where you get the opportunity to adopt a classroom, and get involved directly in children’s education.

Become a Teacher
Millions of children around the world are deprived of quality education. Join us and educate someone in your free time. Become a teacher with us.

If you have any interesting educational content for children or just a fun video related to a specific subject, contribute here.


Teaching children requires a lot of intuition, experience, and experimentation. Children learn from what they find most interesting, whether a movie, a picture, or an effectively conducted class. The last is of course a daily challenge-each example, each illustration must inform as well as entertain. This is seldom easy: even the good quality textbooks available in most schools contain only limited information, not enough to interest or educate children effectively.

You can use our service to supplement these textbooks, and to find additional material (videos, diagrams, animated films, etc.) with which to teach the same lessons and make them more interesting.

This service provides, among other things, a digital content library and a platform to interact with educators around the world which you can use to enhance the quality of teaching and education.

The library comprises materials for teaching and learning, a result of the contributions of numerous subject experts and educators. The materials are in the form of audio-visual aids consisting of movies, video clips, animated demonstrations of scientific phenomena, 3-D graphics, and much more.
You can also contribute the learning / teaching material you have created in the course of your teaching career (tests, diagrams, examples and drawings) to this library.
If you prefer a more active and direct involvement in this cause, you can volunteer to teach during your free time. There are, after all, thousands of schools in need of teachers. If you have an hour or two to spare every week, and a strong desire to reach out to children who need you most, join our volunteer teacher community.

We also have a teachers' forum through which we bring together the entire educated community in discussing, fine-tuning, and improving the project of teaching children. Use this platform to discuss various pedagogical resources and the efficacy of a variety of teaching methods and materials.
This movement is essentially about mobilizing resources. We have people from diverse backgrounds and expertise teaching students from a wide range of locations. The discussions generated by the experiences of all the teachers will begin to give us a better understanding of what works and what does not, what materials and methods are more effective, how to teach the various subjects to students of certain age groups or of specific backgrounds, and so on.

Each significant thread of discussion is condensed into a short lesson on teaching and added to our wiki, making it convenient for you to search for previous discussions based on topic, contributors, etc.