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Adopt a Classroom

We offer you a platform where you get the opportunity to adopt a classroom, and get involved directly in children’s education.

Become a Teacher
Millions of children around the world are deprived of quality education. Join us and educate someone in your free time. Become a teacher with us.

If you have any interesting educational content for children or just a fun video related to a specific subject, contribute here.

Classroom sponsors

Most of us are keen to help the underprivileged, the people in need. Several causes attract charity; possibly the most fundamental, and the best “return on investment” cause is that of education, because of the inevitable ripple effect: you educate one person, and the lives of many others around that person as well the lives of all subsequent generations are necessarily improved.

We offer you a platform where you get the opportunity to adopt a classroom or even a school, and get involved directly in children’s education.

You can fund the initial nominal equipment for the school to deploy our solution, work with school authorities to eliminate initial difficulties such as lack of classrooms, or of electricity, and get the education program started.

You could also delegate the sponsor’s role to a reliable individual who would initiate and shoulder the responsibility on your behalf.

We will provide sponsors access to a wide network of non-profit organizations working at the grassroots level. These organizations will be trained to help mentors in deploying our service. They will be able to offer feasibility studies, purchase and set up of equipment, and maintenance.

This strategy creates a scalable model, where we will have thousands of schools participating, and yet at the infrastructure level it is just one-to-one relationship between a sponsor and his/her classroom.

As a sponsor, you could:

  • Adopt a classroom in any part of the world.
  • Volunteer to provide necessary equipment for the classroom.
  • Interact with the students and teachers regularly
  • Get involved in planning for the school
  • Help in selecting the volunteer teachers for the school
For complete details on our vision, our goals and methods, and exactly how this platform works and succeeds, take a look at our Manifesto.