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Adopt a Classroom

We offer you a platform where you get the opportunity to adopt a classroom, and get involved directly in children’s education.

Become a Teacher
Millions of children around the world are deprived of quality education. Join us and educate someone in your free time. Become a teacher with us.

If you have any interesting educational content for children or just a fun video related to a specific subject, contribute here.


One of the major challenges of teaching is having something interesting for children in every class. Even the good quality textbooks available in most schools contain only limited information, not enough to interest or educate children effectively.

Our service helps schools conduct their teaching in a fun way. You can use our service to supplement the textbooks, and to find additional material (videos, diagrams, animated films, etc.) with which to teach the same lessons and make them more interesting.

We also provide a digital content library and a platform you can use to meet other like-minded teachers and committed educators.

The library comprises materials for teaching and learning, a result of the contributions of numerous subject experts and educators. The materials are in the form of audio-visual aids consisting of movies, video clips, animated demonstrations of scientific phenomena, 3-D graphics, and much more.
Apart from the library we also offer the following through our service:
  • You can upload your school’s curriculum, which we will automatically map with the content in our library.
  • You can also request for teachers based on your requirements, and our volunteer teachers will spend time to help you out, and take classes as you need using the virtual classroom service.
  • Classes are scheduled based on the exchange between the volunteer and the school.
  • Using the virtual classroom service, classes take place on schedule, and allow extensive real-time interaction between teachers and students.

The advantage of learning from people working in a range of professions with a variety of specializations cannot be overstated. Regardless of where you are, your students will be able to learn from the best and the latest teaching materials.